Welcome! Sometimes people feel stuck in life and need help getting unstuck.  Personal problems and emotional pain are a part of life, but this does not mean you have to suffer.  You deserve to be listened to and learn how to cope and function better.   If you live in the Lansing area, let me help with depression and anxiety.

Individual Therapy

Many people feel out of place, anxious, or depressed once in a while.  When suffering becomes a regular occurrence, it needs be addressed. Therapy works by giving you a safe space to talk, examining problems that have led to suffering, and finding solutions or ways to cope.  We will look at personal roadblocks and what it takes to live a more satisfying life.

Relationship & Couples Counseling

Relationships can be rewarding and make you feel truly alive, but they can also be a frustrating challenge.  Over time, relationships change and people change.  If your relationship has taken a turn for the worse and your partner seems like a stranger rather than a life mate, let me help.  We will work together to look at what is going wrong in the relationship and how to achieve happiness again.